Whiskey and Unicorns

The article below is real, but the names of people, companies, products, and events have been changed.

There’s a girl in MultiScape Marketing’s storage room who looks like she got lost on her way to a fancy party downtown. Asking if she needs help, the fancily dressed girl in high-heels replies, thanks for the offer, but no, and effortlessly lifts a box of banners off the ground and places it on the shelf in front of her. Besides, she says, slapping a bright green sticker onto the side of the box, she’s done anyway. As she takes a step back to look over the spotless and efficiently organized section that’s made up of dozens of boxes, weighing dozens of pounds, with dozens of varying market materials for Inland Whiskey inside, it becomes obvious that this girl knows exactly where she is. This is Kara Pym.

Kara dresses nicely.  Every. Day.  She loves sparkles and glitter and rainbows and unicorns – especially the pillow-pet unicorn that hangs out on her chair; It’s rainbow colored of course. Inland, on the other hand, is “edgy, gritty, and under the radar.” It’s the James Dean to her Natalie Wood. And Kara is very aware of this juxtaposition. It’s why she absolutely loves working on whiskey; it’s why she thrives off of it. “Working with Inland,” she says, “gives me a whole different perspective. It allows me to break away from my normal way of doing things.”

Take this year’s Inland Bartender’s Bash: a party catered to local bartenders in 10 cities around the country. In her role as an account coordinator, Kara assisted in the development and execution of this event. This included everything from the live rock music, airbrushed Inland tattoos, and half naked girls dancing around on stage, to the dark, almost fog like ambiance speckled with beams of green, blue, yellow, and red spotlight. “Every element, from the people working the event, to the food, to the decor: everything is one-hundred percent brand image. Even the staff and the girls that are hired are all what you would picture an Inland enthusiast to be like.”

Okay. So what exactly is an Inland enthusiast like? Well, if pictures from the event are any indication, they’re just about anyone. From guys in sweater vests to girls with pink dreadlocks and impossibly short skirts. Some came to be themselves. Others came to be someone else. Everyone came to have fun. Inland can have that effect on people. It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s tough, it’s unexpected, and it doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it. It’s an all over badass, and that’s what makes people love it.

It’s kind of funny to think of that image being brought to the public in part by a girl who came to work on Halloween last year adorned in fuzzy cat ears and painted whiskers. But that’s why Kara fits this brand so well. She is exactly who she is, but she’s not afraid to get a little inspiration from her pal, Inland. The results can be a girl pouring shots from the top of a bar table, or it can be a girl who hauls heavy boxes around in a storage room while sporting high-heels and a skirt. And really, what’s more badass than that?


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